Control Panels

SJE-Rhombus® provides smart solutions to today’s growing environmental challenges. Combining  35 years of expertise in pump controls with the latest technology to deliver energy efficient, cost-effective products for a wide variety of residential, commercial, municipal, industrial and agricultural applications.


P/N 1017270

NEMA 4X weatherproof enclosure
120 VAC pump breaker, compressor breaker, and alarm breaker
Alarm/Test/Normal/Silence switch
Terminal block for easy installation
Compressor low pressure alarm switch
24 hour pump timer
Red high water alarm; amber compressor alarm




EZ Series® control panels combine circuit board technology and easy operation for on-site installations.

The EZ Series® Duplex control panel is designed to control two alternating 120/208/240V single phase pumps in water and wastewater installations.  It features a digital display on the inside of the front cover for programming and system monitoring.

The  optional mounting post features a removable access cover to allow for  easier wiring. The post can be mounted in the ground, directly over a  4x4, or conduit. 


 Tank Alert® 4X

Indoor/Outdoor Tank Alarm

Tank Alert® alarms provide audio/visual warning of potential threatening liquid level conditions.

The Tank Alert® 4X    indoor/outdoor alarm system provides audio/visual  warning of  potential  threatening liquid level conditions in lift pump  chambers,  sump pump  basins, holding tanks, sewage, agricultural and  other  non-potable water  applications.

If  an  alarm condition occurs, the stainless steel horn sounds and red alarm beacon  activates.  The  horn can be turned off, but the alarm beacon remains on  until the  condition is remedied.  Once the condition is cleared the  alarm will  automatically reset.


Auto Dialer

For Home Protection

Home monitoring product that provides notification of threatening conditions.

The Auto Dialer is a single channel voice dialer that can be used with any device that provides a normally open or normally closed contact.  It can be programmed to store up to four numbers to dial, including standard (voice) telephones, most cellular phones and pagers.  The Auto Dialer will deliver a recorded message for up to 16 seconds.

Note: The Auto Dialer AVD-45b will attempt to deliver the outgoing message twice with a maximum of 10 attempts for each telephone number.