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Online ordering is quick and easy on our website. Sometimes, you need it really quick too – like yesterday!  We can do that.  Place your order today with expedited shipping and your packages will arrive on your doorstep, tomorrow. Choose the shipping options that fit your needs and budget. Of course, free shipping fits everyone’s budget. Learn more…

2 thoughts on “Faster”

  1. Anna

    I would like to know why I was charged a $13.00 fee to receive my order via FedEx on Sunday June 2 nd,if you had NO intention of actually shipping it so that I would receive it On time. My order # 2444.
    I would like a refund of the $13.00 fee that I was charged,because it was FREE Shipping to receive it by Monday June 3.

    1. SuperAdmin Post Author

      Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I will certainly refund shipping costs and any associated sales tax you paid. We certainly didn’t meet your expectations.

      Your comment made me realize we hadn’t included our hours of operation in Many internet companies require some employees work on Saturdays and Sundays. We do not. You entered your order Friday evening after our employees left for the weekend; there was noone here to ship your order. You, of course, could not have known that.

      I will certainly refund the shipping charge. I’ve also asked our web developer to add our hours of operations to the site. I am sorry we did not provide that information to you.

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