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SSP DBMS60-1250 Septic Air Pump



Replace your expensive, 60LPM linear septic air pump with the economical DBMS60. The DBMS line, formerly Gast DBM-series, provides aerobic wastewater systems, koi ponds, aquariums, and hydroponic systems. It consumes less power, runs cooler, and provides a reliable lifespan.

The aluminum body of this 60LPM pump dissipates heat to improve the life of internal components. The DBMS60 only produces 46db of noise. That is less noise than a quiet conversation at home. It consumes 1.7 AMPs which is 63 Watts. DBMS60 pumps produce 68LPM at 2.13PSI. This is fine for 300-400 gallon per day systems of most homes.

All DBMS series units are well equipped with built-in protection devices. The built-in safety switch and thermostat protect internal components from unpredictable diaphragm breaks or abnormal internal temperature buildup. These features also help to keep maintenance costs very low.

To repair diaphragms in this DBMS60-1250, buy diaphragm kit SSP35070.


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Noise46dbBetween the noise in a library and a quiet conversation at home.
Power110-120 Volts AC60 Hz
Minimum Temperature33 Fahrenheit1 Celsius
Maximum Temperature104 Fahrenheit40 Celsius
Minimum Pressure1.42 PSI.01 kg/cm2
Maximum Pressure3.55 PSI.25 kg/cm2
Spec SheetDBMS60-1250
Maintenance ManualSSP Linear Operation_Manual


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