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Gast R4110-2 Regenerative Blower

MODEL NO: R4110-2


With a rugged construction that’s suitable for demanding applications, the R4 Series offers oil-less operation ensuring that the discharge air remains free of contamination. The R4 Series can be mounted in any plane, which provides flexibility when mounting or integrating the blower into an OEM system. In addition, these blowers have very few moving parts and no wearing components, which minimize downtime and helps to lessen operating noise levels.

Other features include

  • Thermal overload protection to safeguard the motor windings from damage should the blower become stalled during operation;
  • Thermal overload protection switches automatically reset when single-phase motor windings cool to a safe level of operation;
  • UL and CSA certified TEFC motors with permanently sealed ball bearings offer increased protection against weather, dirt, and moisture;
  • Permanently sealed ball bearings incorporate polyurea grease, which extends bearing life and offers superior resistance to washout, rust, and corrosion; and
  • Aluminum blower housing, impeller, and cover help keep the R4’s major components resistant to corrosion promoting extended product life.

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Noise68 dbConversation in restaurant, office, background music, Air conditioning unit at 100 ft.
Power1.5 HP1.1 kW
Minimum Temperature33 Fahrenheit1 Celsius
Maximum Temperature104 Fahrenheit40 Celsius
Minimum Pressure0 psig@ 60 Hz
Maximum Pressure2.25 psig@ 60 Hz
Spec SheetR4 Spec Sheet
Catalog pageR4 Catalog Page
Operator ManualBlower_Operation_Manual


Shipping data

Weight41 lbs
Dimensions19 × 14 × 14 in





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