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SPECIAL NOTE: Should the part that needs to be returned for warranty be a part/label that was inside any part of your septic tank, after receiving Return Authorization, it SHALL be returned to Septic Sewage Pumps or the Manufacturer inside a sealed plastic bag. This is for the safety of both the warranty process people who work at Septic Sewage Pumps  or Manufacturer and the UPS/Mail people who are handling the product during shipping. If for any reason the warranty product that has been in contact with your sewage system is sent to us without the safety of being inside a sealed plastic bag your warranty will not be processed.

The customer shall be responsible to contact Septic Sewage Pumps between the hours of 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Central Standard Time to receive Return Authorization. To receive Authorization you will need to provide Septic Sewage Pumps with proof of the original purchase. Please contact Septic Sewage Pumps prior to returning any merchandise for warranty consideration.