AT05 with Cord

Get a Gast AT05 with
a pre-wired power cord
for only $10 more!

Gast AT05 with Pre-wired Cord

Gast AT05 Rotary Vane Septic Air Pump with a pre-wired cord. Built for the Sewage Aeration industry, the AT05 features a nickel-plated rotor and a cooling fan for longer life in a demanding, 24/7 application. This low noise, low vibration aeration pump is most suitable for home aeration systems. It works especially well in systems requiring more, consistent flow and higher pressures.

Other features include:
  • Thermal overload protection;
  • Easy to service vanes and filters;
  • Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled motor protects against the heat of summer; and
  • Internal and external inlet filters prevent contaminants from entering the septic system.

$489.00 $489.00