Aerodyne – APW80-2500 – Septic Air Pump


The Aerodyne APW80 is a good choice for 500-gallon per day aerobic septic systems. It produces 80LPM at 2.13PSI.

The APW80 includes several improvements over similar pumps:

• The size of its diaphragms increased to reduce motion that causes repetitive stress fractures.

• Energy-efficient coils produce less heat that destroys rubber diaphragms. It takes 1.3 Amps (70 watts).

• The APW80 includes a threaded port for a Schrader valve (not included). The Schrader valve provides a pressure test point for the whole system.

• It includes built-in protection devices. A safety switch and thermostat protect internal components from diaphragm breaks or abnormal internal temperature buildup.


Use repair kit APW20DF to repair diaphragms in this pump.  The repair kit also includes a clean air intake filter.

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