DBM80Septic Sewage Pumps  Linear Compressor


For quiet operation. 

The Septic Sewage Pumps linear compressors are freestanding models designed for very quiet operation and can be dropped into existing installations. 

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Regenerative Blowers

For Commercial Sites:  Restaurants, Truck Stops and Convenience Stores.

The full line of regenerative blowers for high-volume compressed air applications offers both motor-mounted and separate drive models.

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Rotary Vane Pumps

A best seller.

The rotary vane compressor will build pressure up to 22 PSI, to eliminate blockage in the line and diffusers.  No other septic compressor design can make that claim.

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Submersible Effluent Pumps

Uniquely designed for home usage.

Capacitor-start motor and advanced manufacturing technologies allow the pump run at exceptionally low current to save energy, and result in cooler running. Sealed ball bearings eliminate the need for re-lubrications.

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Linear Repair Kits



Control Panels

SJE-Rhombus® provides smart solutions to today’s growing environmental challenges. Combining  35 years of expertise in pump controls with the latest technology to deliver energy efficient, cost-effective products for a wide variety of residential, commercial, municipal, industrial and agricultural applications.


Introducting our new Brand of Linear Compressor: Septic Sewage Pumps dbm80-1250.jpg




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Nothing Pumps Like GAST!

Manufacturers, dealers, installers and maintenance providers prefer GAST above other brands. From the workhorse 0523, to the robust AT series, to the quiet Linear, Gast offers products for every aerobic application.


Aerobic System Experts

Experts in sewage aeration are as close as your cell phone. Our well trained staff can answer your aeration pump questions, now.


training_200w.jpgQualified trainers are ready to speak to your association and provide on-site training to your employees.

Regular web conferences and training are available at no charge. Topics include GAST product applications, How to choose the right compressor, and installation of GAST products into homeowners' systems. Call us for details. 



Septic Sewage Pumps sells to only dealers, installers, and maintenance providers. If you are a dealer, installer or maintenance provider, contact Septic Sewage Pumps for your quantity discount, today.


Gast_service_logo_200w.jpgSeptic Sewage Pumps is your Authorized GAST service center for faster repair and warranty work.









Largest Inventory

inventory_200w.jpgSeptic Sewage Pumps is a direct Gast distributor. We have the largest inventory of Gast aerobic pumps in the industry.   Your orders received by 2:00 PM usually ships the same day you place the order.




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