DBMXD120N Diaphragm Kit


This product is obsolete and out of stock. The improved model pump is DBMXL120. The repair kit for the new model is DBMXD150200.

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Aerator repair kits include a head assembly of diaphragms and check valves.  Diaphragms and check valves are working parts that wear out over time.  You can repair all of our linear pumps and aerators.  Most often, our aerators only require replacement of diaphragms and check valves.  Actually, check valves, built into the head assembly, come with this diaphragm kit.  You may not even notice them.

Watch this video.  It explains how to replace a diaphragm in a linear aerator.  Most importantly, it shows how to properly align diaphragms with the shuttle.

This repair kit fits linear aerator model, DBMX120.

A label on the pump housing has the model number and serial number of your aerator.  Please make sure which model you have before you place your order.

This repair kit does not include an air intake filter. Order filter SSP50277.


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This item has a 2-year manufacturer's warranty.

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