SSP – DBM80-175 – with Built-on Alarm – Septic Air Pump


The DBM80-175 linear septic air pump produces 80LPM of air and includes a high and low pressure alarm. This is formerly a Gast DBM-series septic pump.  This pump only emits 51db of noise, about the same noise as a conversation at home.  The DBM80-175 is a solid, less expensive replacement for your 500 gallon aerobic system.

The alarm actives when air pressure rises over or drops below functional level to warm users to check the system in time. There is RUN, TEST and MUTE function included.

Low pressure alarm
Alarm actives when air pressure drops below functional level at 61.8mbar(0.89psi) and reset at 68.67mbar(0.99psi).

To replace the diaphragms in a DBM80-175, use diaphragm kit SSP35070.

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Product Specification
Noise 45 db Between the noise in a library and a quiet conversation at home.
Power .095 HP .07 kW
Minimum Temperature 33 Fahrenheit 1 Celsius
Maximum Temperature 104 Fahrenheit 40 Celsius
Minimum Pressure 1.42 PSI .1 kg/cm2
Maximum Pressure 3.55 PSI .25 kg/cm2
Additional Information
Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 8 × 8 in







This item has a 2-year manufacturer's warranty.


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